Code Orange Release New Dance-Metal Track “Out For Blood”

Foto: Stefan Brending
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For years, Code Orange have been hailed as fronting up the “nu-metal revival,” despite the fact that their music has more disparate and extreme musical influences than most nu-metal bands ever had. The label comes from the Pittsburgh band’s heavy drops, bouncing riffs, and Slipknot-ish snarls, which harken back to a simpler, more streamlined time in metal history. But now, Code Orange have dropped a new track titled “Out for Blood” via a music video, and man, these guys have decided to go all-in on the nu-metal thing.

From start to finish, “Out for Blood” sounds like it was written, performed, and produced some time between 1998 and 2001. The song’s giant chorus and bonafide bounce riffs could be right at home on the soundtrack to a Matrix sequel, with Jami Morgan’s mixture of bellows and harsh singing evoking titans of that era like Burton C. Bell and Edsel Dope. It’s a refinement of Code Orange’s sound, proving that the band are excited to dominate the genre niche that they pretty much single-handedly invented for themselves.

But no matter how nu-metal’ed out the track is, it’s nothing compared to the Max Moore-directed video, which feels like it was made in honest tribute to the music of the turn of the millennium. Form the dancing club crowds to the industrial bondage god on a throne to Eric Balderose’s fuzzy crimson blazer, this video is a heartfelt love letter to the time when disco metal was king and Carson Daly was introducing Rob Zombie tracks on TRL. Watching this video makes us wonder if we’ll find a CD for 100 free hours of AOL in our mailbox.

Regarding the track, Morgan had this to say: “When they go right, we go left. Code Orange is ‘Out For Blood’ and we are just gettin’ started.”

Check out “Out for Blood” below:

“Out for Blood” is officially available on all streaming platforms. Check out the single artwork below:


Words by Chris Krovatin