Brooklyn Metal Bar Duff’s Lends Hearse to Cardi B for Halloween Photo Shoot

Photo via Cardi B's Instagram.
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If you’re a metalhead who’s gone out drinking in Brooklyn in the past, say, 10 years, chances are you’ve ended up at Duff’s. The bar is one of Brooklyn’s most infamous and recognizable, a neon watering hole tucked away under the JMZ train tracks, at which one can sometimes find members of the world’s biggest metal bands tanking up and acting the fool. One part of Duff’s signature look is the hearse they often have parked outside their bar — a hearse which came in use this Halloween, as it was recently borrowed by pop star Cardi B for her seasonal photo shoot.

As you can see on the posts below, Cardi B’s Halloween shoot featured her in a slinky, semi-transparent dress in full goth palor, swanning between two hearses. Her caption simply reads, ‘MORTICIA ADDAMS,’ though even the most diehard Addams Family fan can agree that Morticia never wore anything nearly as revealing as this. The dress was apparently made entirely of black metal, and was created by fashion designer Natalia Fedner for the shoot.

“The look took non stop work for seven days to create,” Fedner said in her own Instagram post. “The corset takes 48 hours of dry time and involved dipping my hand made patented textile into a special resin mix. And then forming it to a primed mannequin mold — using temporary ‘scaffolding’ structures — which are cut out once it dries.”

The hearse, meanwhile, came from Duff’s, who were happy to let the rapper look as morbidly dishy as she liked on their classic car.

Check out Cardi B’s photos below:


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There you have it, folks — if you ever want to do a sexy-yet-deathly photoshoot, Duff’s has got you covered. Of course, it would probably help if you wee the biggest pop star in the world.


Words by Chris Krovatin