Brass Against Apologize for Peeing On Fan Onstage, Assure Followers That “No Assault Occurred There”

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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On Friday, footage came to light featuring Brass Against frontwoman Sophia Urista peeing on a fan onstage. While some folks were squeamish about the whole thing, the fact that the man who got peed on seemed super into it meant that the majority of people thought this was just a hilarious onstage stunt by a rock band. But now, Brass Against have apologized for the act via social media — and have also fielded claims from their followers that they somehow assaulted that dude with a golden shower.

For those of you unfamiliar with the band, Brass Against are a brass band that performs classic hard rock and metal tracks, primarily those by Rage Against The Machine. The band has met with unanimous approval from listeners around the world, including RATM’s legendary guitarist Tom Morello.

The other night during their Welcome to Rockville set, frontwoman Sophia Urista squatted over a fan and peed on his face during a performance of RATM classic “Wake Up.” The fact that she timed it with the part where she yelled, “I THINK I HEARD A SHOT” was solidly genius, and most importantly, the dude who she peed on seemed all about it. He fired off some fist-pumps after getting up, and then sprayed hot urine at the crowd like GG fucking Allin. The crowd had a field day with it, because c’mon, why else go to festivals? If someone doesn’t get peed on midway through a performance, was it even a party?

You can see footage of the act via the YouTube link below:

While most people thought this was funny, Brass Against apparently felt a little embarrassed about it:

Harshest of all was one fan who suggested that Sophia had somehow assaulted the very willing dude onstage, who, the band assured everyone, knew all about what was going to happen before taking the stage:

Everyone at The Pit would like to take this moment to say that we support Urista’s actions 100%. Rock and roll was never meant to be a rose garden, and if you can’t stomach watching a woman pee on a very excited dude’s face in front of thousands of other people, then hit the road, you fuckin’ square.


Words by Chris Krovatin