Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Drops First New Track In 8 Years to Promote His Signature Fragrance

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How does Black Sabbath guitarist and heavy metal forefather Tony Iommi smell? While this isn’t a question that many metalheads have asked themselves over the years, it’s one that apparently now has an answer. Iommi has now released “Scent of Dark,” his first new song in eight years — to accompany his own signature fragrance.

As reported by Blabbermouth, Iommi’s “Scent of Dark,” his first new rock track since Black Sabbath’s 2013 album 13, was written with the guitarist’s new collaboration with luxe Italian perfume house Xerjoff and Sergio Momo.

“I met Sergio through another friend of mine Jimmy Crutchley (who plays bass on ‘Scent Of Dark’) and Sergio kindly sent me a box of his fragrances and asked if I’d be interested in creating my own, which I certainly wasn’t expecting,” says Iommi in the short film promoting the fragrance below. “I had no idea how that would work, but Sergio suggested I come up with a list of things I like the smell of, which I did. He developed some different samples made up from my suggestions and I picked the one I liked; the project moved forward from there.

“Sergio’s idea was maybe to have a tune to go with it, some music to go with the perfume, to create more of a vibe for it. And I had some ideas that Sergio heard and he liked the idea. So it allowed me then to elaborate from what we’ve got into more of what it was meaning towards the perfume… It was very mystical, which I think the perfume is — it’s a mystical sort of smell. It comes from within. It just all seemed to fit well; it just seemed to be the right thing for it. And I’m very pleased with it. And, of course, Sergio is playing on it as well — he’s playing guitar on it as well as I am. And the whole combination — with Jimmy Crutchley playing bass and Ash [Sheehan] on drums, it was a new, different direction for us. And then I felt it was nice to have some strings added to it, ’cause it gives it that more dramatic sort of sound and it emphasizes the whole thing, really.”

Check out “Scent of Dark” below:

And here’s the featurette on Iommi’s new fragrance:


Words by Chris Krovatin