Video: Guitarist Nita Strauss Gets Hit In The Head By Alice Cooper’s Cane, Never Stops Playing

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It’s no secret that we love guitarist Nita Strauss. The virtuosic relative of a classical composer whose role in an all-female Iron Maiden tribute band led her to become Alice Cooper‘s guitarist — yup, you read that right! — Nita is one of rock and metal’s true icons in the modern day. But not only that, but she also lives and breathes her instrument, constantly sculpting herself (quite literally — she has her own fitness challenge and everything) into a better player who will stop at nothing to entertain. And according to a recent video of a live Alice Cooper gig, we do mean stop at nothing.

In a video posted to her Instagram, fans can see Nita performing “Feed My Frankenstein” alongside shock rock’s greatest showman. During the song, Alice does one of his patented stage moves where he whacks the monitor with his cane. This time, though, the cane breaks — and the lower half goes bouncing across the stage and into the side of Nita’s head. The cool part? Even though she flinches away, Nita never stops playing! That’s dedication if we ever saw it.

“When I joined the @alicecooper band in 2014, he gave me the same promise he gives all the touring band members:
‘You’re going to see the world, you’re going to get paid, and you’re going to get stitches,'” wrote Nita. “He left out ‘oh and you may get brained by flying broken cane pieces from the first song.’

“All in a day’s work on an Alice Cooper tour,” Nita adds. “No real harm done.”

Check out the video via Nita’s Instagram below:


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Nita, we salute you! Good on you for taking a whack upside the head and not dropping your instrument. We would’ve cried like straight-up toddlers.


Words by Chris Krovatin