Video: Death Metal Band’s Moms React to Their Gory New Music Video

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If we’re being honest, the mother of the average death metal fan does not fully understand what they’re about. Sure, our moms get that we like loud music, and occasionally wear inappropriate shirts to family functions, but they rarely grasp what attracts us to this insane, gory lifestyle, or why it emotionally completes us. And maybe that’s for the best — our moms like to think of us as the sweet babies whose diapers they changed, not the bloodthirsty headbangers we’ve become, and being confronted with who we really are might gross them out. Now, death metallers Archspire have decided to put this idea to the test by showing their gory new video to their mothers.

For the record, Archspire’s video for their new track “Drone Corpse Aviator” does not disappoint when it comes to gore. Sure, the majority of the video involves the band members being cruelly experimented on by shadowy doctors, who monitor their behavior while they perform the track. But the video’s climax involves the bands’ heads either melting or exploding, with close-up shots of faceless skulls and wiggly-tongued neck stumps for days.

Of course, the five members’ moms are pretty horrified by the sights they witness throughout the video– but they’re also super supportive of the production value behind the footage.

“That was pretty good,” said Brigid Lamb, mother of eight-string guitar player Dean Lamb. “I thought I was watching a movie.”

Watch Archspire’s moms find out exactly the type of boys they raised below:

Archspire’s new album Bleed the Future comes out October 29th via Season of Mist, and is available for preorder. Check out the full tracklisting and cover art below:

1. Drone Corpse Aviator
2. Golden Mouth of Ruin
3. Abandon the Linear
4. Bleed the Future
5. Drain of Incarnation
6. Acrid Canon
7. Reverie on the Onyx
8. A.U.M.


Words by Chris Krovatin