Suicidal Tendencies Locked Out of Instagram Account Over Band Name

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As most metalheads — and metal journalists — are aware, Facebook and Instagram have become ultra-puritanical lately. Whether it’s their absolute hatred of female nipples or their disgust at the word ‘f**k’ (yup, even with the asterisks, it counts as a swear), Ol’ Zucky Deadeyes has apparently decided to clean up his act following his role in the sabotage of America’s electoral process. However, this has reached a somewhat fevered pitch, as evidenced by crossover thrash legends Suicidal Tendencies recently being locked out of their Instagram account for weeks due to the edginess of their band name.

The band, famous for their hard-hitting thrash that bears positive messages overall, recently posted on Instagram for the first time in weeks, writing, “So as a lot of you already noticed, our Instagram account was down for the last 3 weeks. Long story, this had nothing to do with ‘us’, but everything to do with our name 🙂

“This isn’t the first time we’ve been flagged,” they added, “but hopefully it will be the last. We’ll go into that more later, but right now we want to focus on the positive and give our beST to you all and say thanks for always STanding with us!”


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Congrats to Mike Muir and Co. for regaining control of their social media accounts. And to Zuck the Merciless, Witchfinder General of the Internet, we want to assure you that no one has ever committed suicide due to the band name ‘Suicidal Tendencies.’ Quite the opposite, Suicidal have always been a source of catharsis and release for its legion of fans. Maybe you should focus on not letting your massive online media network go down for an entire day, forcing the people who rely on your sites for their businesses to lose a day’s income. Just say, Mr. It’s Complicated!

Here’s some Suicidal Tendencies to brighten your day:


Words by Chris Krovatin