Rammstein Frontman Till Lindemann Will Return to Russia On 2022 European Solo Tour

https://www.flickr.com/photos/closeto94/, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Back in August, it was revealed that Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann had been detained and questioned by police in Russia. The news worried the rock world, who know that in Russia, ‘detainment and questioning‘ could move to a room with a drain in the floor. But now, Lindemann has announced a European solo tour for 2022 — and he’s stopping back in Mother Russia for a couple of shows.

To refresh your memory, in August Lindemann was supposed to play at the Maklarin For Homeland festival in Tver as a solo act tonight, Sunday the 29th. This was in violation of a COVID-19 restriction on mass gatherings, which is what is being used as the reason for his detainment. He was stopped in his hotel room and brought in for questioning by police. Lindemann’s manager, Anar Reiband, also faces charges for entering the country as a tourist even though Russian authorities believe that he is an organizer of the festival. Reiband could could face deportation and a permanent ban from the country if he is found guilty.

However, Lindemann has today revealed plans to return to Europe, with two stops in Russia along the way — one in Novossibirsk and one in Moscow. The tour is being labeled the “Ich Hasse Kinder” tour (translated, “I Hate Kids”), named after the artist’s single released this June. Interestingly enough, the video for “Ich hasse kinder” features a young boy growing up in Soviet Russia, and seems to have a pretty low opinion of the Russian school system, so it’s safe to say that Till is enjoying rattling that red cage.

Catch Lindemann, and hope he doesn’t get arrested, at one of the following dates next year, with more to be announced:

1/18 – Kiev, Ukraine @ Stereo Plaza
1/20 – Bratislava, Slovakia @ EXPO-Aréna
1/22 – Prague, Czech Republic @ Tipsport Arena
1/23 – Tallinn, Estonia @ Tondiraba Ice Hall
1/26 – Novossibirsk, Russia @ Mvk “Novosibirsk Ekspotsentr”
1/28 – Moscow, Russia @ Adrenaline Stadium


Words by Chris Krovatin