Ozzy Shares First Footage of Insane Animated Video for His “Hellraiser” Duet with Lemmy

Jonas Rogowski, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Depending on who you are and what kind of metal you prefer, the track “Hellraiser” is a classic by either Ozzy Osbourne or Motörhead. Lemmy famously wrote the song for Ozzy, but then performed it himself for the soundtrack to 1992’s Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. Only recently has a version of the banger featuring a duet with both vocalists been released. Now, Ozzy is teasing an animated video for the twosome’s version of the song — and holy shit, does it look bonkers!

Much like Iron Maiden’s recent “Writing On The Wall” video, “Hellraiser” appears to be going all-in on its elaborate 2-D heavy metal fantasy cartoons. From what we can see in this teaser, the video will involve the two metal vocalists fighting a horde of demonic zombies, which entails Lemmy whipping off heads with a studded belt, Ozzy turning into the giant dragon from the Ultimate Sin cover, Lemmy stomping skulls, Ozzy summoning bats and purple smoke, demons becoming even larger demons, and a giant satanic city rising out of the bowls of the Earth. In other words, this shit looks appropriately bananas, and we are stoked to see it in its final form!

Check out this teaser of Ozzy and Lemmy’s “Hellraiser” video below:

And keep your eyes peeled for the full video soon!

This isn’t Ozzy’s only filmmaking experiment this year. As reported by Variety, the yet-untitled movie will be released by Sony and Polygram Entertainment, and will be produced by Ozzy and Sharon’s kids Jack Osborune and Aimée Osbourne via their label Osbourne Media. Writing the film will be Oscar nominee Lee Hall (Billy Elliot).

“Our relationship at times was often wild, insane and dangerous but it was our undying love that kept us together,” says Sharon. “We’re thrilled to partner with Sony Pictures and Polygram to bring our story to the screen.”

Words by Chris Krovatin