Little Girl Dresses as Rob Zombie for Halloween, Rob Zombie Loves It

Alfred Nitsch, CC BY-SA 3.0 AT , via Wikimedia Commons
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There’s no greater honor than a kid dressing up as you for Halloween. Whether you’re Freddy Krueger or Kim Kardashian, seeing a child trick-or-treating as you has got to be the greatest feeling in the world. Which is why it makes sense that when monster rocker Rob Zombie saw a little girl who dressed up as him for Halloween, he shared her video and gave her his official seal of approval.

The video comes from Instagram user Stitched From The Crypt, whose daughter Lola decided to dress up as the shock rocker for Halloween 2019. Not only does Lola get the make-up, the beard, the bell bottoms, and the stage moves down, she’s also got a portable stage complete with lights and Rob’s infamous arachnoid skeleton mic stand.

She’s apparently also seen Rob in action before, according to a post in which her mom writes, “Happy Halloween from the smallest biggest Rob Zombie fan! 3 times seeing him and she’s been studying his moves!” Cool parents, man.

Of course, this video eventually made its way back to the man himself, who posted it on his own Instagram, writing, “”This might be the costume of the year! What do you think? I think I have my replacement when I retire.”


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Take a moment right now to imagine how happy Lola must have been to see her costume on Rob’s feed. That’s some Halloween magic right there.

Rob isn’t Lola’s only idol — the young lady also has a plush doll of Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, complete with his bagpipes, that her mother stitched for her:


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It’s good to know that little girls are listening to grinding, misanthropic heavy metal music and then going to sleep with plushies of the maniacs who make it possible. The kids, it seems, are all right.


Words by Chris Krovatin