Ice Nine Kills’ New Album Lands In Billboard Top 20, Slaughters All Rock Charts

Photo by Cory Osborne
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This month saw horror-obsessed metalcore act Ice Nine Kills release Welcome to Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2, a sequel to the band’s massive 2018 album. Now, the band have revealed their chart standings, and apparently there are a lot more horror hounds out there than one might think!

According to a press release, Welcome to Horrorwood not only dominated the rock charts, it also landed at #18 on the Billboard Top 200 — not bad for an album whose songs are breakdown-heavy anthems to serial killers. Overall, the record hit the following chart positions and sales metrics:

  • #1 Current Hard Music
  • #1 Digital
  • #2 Current Rock
  • #2 Independent
  • #4 Current Album Sales
  • #5 Overall Album Sales
  • #8 Internet
  • 25K combined consumption overall

It’s worth noting that the Top Album Sales chart relates solely to the traditional sale of records and doesn’t account for streaming, which makes sense given that the horror metal fanbase is probably more accustomed to buying physical music as opposed to using online streaming services.

In any event, congrats to Ice Nine Kills on this massive achievement. It’s good to know that horror-worshipping records with songs about Evil Dead on them can still enter into the Billboard Top 20.

Billboard isn’t the only place where Ice Nine Kills are landing solid spots. The Pit’s own Chris Krovatin included Welcome to Horrorwood in our list of the 2021 releases that would make perfect soundtracks for this Halloween.

“If a slasher movie marathon is more your speed than trick-or-treating, Ice Nine Kills are here for you. Welcome to Horrorwood is a spirited sequel to 2018’s The Silver Scream, with the band offering their diehard legions soaring metalcore takes on a whole new stack of blood-soaked classics. From Cabin Fever to Psycho to Evil Dead, this record takes listeners on a detailed tour of every flick on the late-late-late-nite horror marathon. Drink every time Spencer Charnas recreates a famous movie quote.”