Hear Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, and Metallica Songs Played Through a Fart Noise Guitar Pedal

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The beauty of Kickstarter is it reveals what people really want. The mainstream media might try and convince us that we want sexy models, sleek cars, and multi-bladed razors, but when it comes time for the people to vote with their dollar, they reveal that what they actually desire are Frankenstein-themed table-top games and solo albums by disgraced metal singers — and, apparently, guitars that sound like farts. A new Kickstarter for a ‘Fart Pedal’ has blown up, and now fans can hear some of their favorite rock anthems played through a cloud of farts.

The Fart Pedal Kickstarter was launched by Steve Gadlin, a self-described “serial silly projects guy” who decided to crowdfund a guitar pedal that makes a player’s ax sound like their ass. The pedal includes a dial for how much gas output you want and a ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’ toggle switch so that musicians can determine how much Mexican food their guitar had last night. And while many guitar purists might roll their eyes at such a sophomoric pursuit, Steve quickly destroyed his $30,000 goal — currently, he’s at $41,066 — to fund the first 250 units.

For pranksters, the pedal even comes with fake-out decals, so you can make someone think they’re playing their normal pedal when in fact they’re cropdusting a rock classic.

“Since the beginning of time, guitar players have been enhancing their guitar sounds through the use of guitar pedals,” says the product description. “Whether it’s to achieve classic distortion, chorus, wah, or phaser noises,  most guitarists plug in to a variety of pedals to produce their signature sound. Now you can lace your signature sound with some truly epic farts.”

But the proof is in the pudding (gross). Steve has posted a number of videos in which he uses the pedal while playing famous rock songs we all know and love, and as you’ll hear, they’re, I don’t know, fartastic?

Here’s Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine:”

Here’s AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell:”

And here’s Metallica’s “Enter Sandman:”

What the fuck, man. Why even do this?


Words by Chris Krovatin