Exclusive Premiere: Heads For The Dead (Revel In Flesh, Massacre) Channel Pure Cosmic Horror on Crushing New Track “The Thing”

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When it comes to total horror worship, Heads For The Dead are hard to beat. The international death metal act, which features bands like Revel In Flesh, Gorefest, Massacre, and Hail of Bullets in their pedigree, play the kind of bloody, fuzzy, frantic music that makes its listeners feel trapped in that cinematic moment of menace as the killer stomps slowly toward them. Now, to follow up last year’s absolutely punishing album Into the Red, the band have announced a new EP, Slash ‘n’ Roll, which pays homage to the horror movies and ghoulish songs that gave them nightmares. And ow, you can hear a new track from that album, “The Thing,” exclusively below.

While Heads For The Dead’s new EP and their general tone seem to most resonate with slasher flicks and late-night cut-’em-up films, the band take on John Carpenter’s suspenseful 1982 masterpiece The Thing with their new song. And to their credit, they don’t just blast through three minutes of brutal melodic death metal about bellies growing teeth and huskies opening up like flowers. Instead, Heads For The Dead take things slow and inexorable this time around, channeling the feelings of paranoia, confusion, and total hostility that come from being surrounded by people who may or may not be a creature hell-bent on destroying them. It’s an interesting departure for the band, but one which shows that they’re ready for anything, so long as it involves carnage and darkness.

Check out our exclusive premiere of Heads For The Dead’s “The Thing” below:

Heads For The Dead’s Slash ‘n’ Roll EP comes out November 5th, 2021, and is available for preorder in various forms, including a coffin-shaped box set that’ll be perfect Halloween present for your significant other. Check out the full tracklisting and artwork below:

1. Maniac
2. Halloween
3. The Thing
4. Skulls (Misfits)
5. Pet Sematary (Ramones)


Words by Chris Krovatin