Exclusive Premiere: Canadian Horror-Metallers VHS Reveal Details and Bloodthirsty New Single from Vampire-Themed Album

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Over the course of just under a decade, Ontario-based horror hounds VHS have wrecked the spinal cords of maniacs the world over. The ghoulish death metal trio have found countless ways to celebrate the late-night slasher flicks and monster-fests of old (and still managed to find the time to record a gore metal cover of the Full House theme). Lately, though, the band have been on a spree of themed albums, including 2019’s aquatic We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs and last year’s space-faring Gore From Beyond the Stars. But now, VHS have given The Pit an exclusive first look at the details and new track from their new album — and this one’s got teeth.

VHS’s new album will be titled I Heard They Suck…Blood, and focuses entirely on vampire cinema. From Horror of Dracula to The Lost Boys to Let The Right One In, the band plumb all things black-clad and befanged this time around. But unlike so many of the vampiric metal albums out there, this record focuses less on swishing capes and candelabras and more on the creepy-crawl repulsion of blood-drinking corpses that scrabble from their graves to steal your girlfriend.

“There’s something romantic about black metal albums about vampires,” says guitarist/vocalist Mike Hochins. “Our death metal album is more like the vampire who drinks the blood of a drunk metalhead and just wants to listen to riffs and headbang all night. We wanted to show off a more gritty and less whimsical vampire themed album. It’s dark, cheesy and definitely a different take on vampires. Don’t expect us to wear poofy shirts and wear top hats any time soon. We just wanted to write an album about some of our favorite vampire flicks and I think it came out even better than we anticipated.”

The first single from the album, “Undead Casanova,” focuses on arguably the greatest cinematic work of our time: 1985’s Fright Night. With abattoir riffs and gurgled vocals, the band ask the important question: what do you do when your neighbor is a bloodsucking creature of the night? The track’s video, meanwhile, examines the rash of disappearances surrounding VHS, and raises the question as to whether or not the band themselves have some nosferatic tendencies.

Check out our exclusive premiere of “Undead Casanova” below:

VHS’s I Heard They Suck…Blood drops December 3rd via Wise Blood Records, and is available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin