AI Bot Creates Fake Metal Band Names and Cover Art That You’ll Wish Were Real

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A fun game plenty of metalheads like to play is coming up with fake bands on the spot. When you’re walking to the venue or dicking around online, it’s always fun to reference “Meatball Grinder from Toledo” or some other generic metal band name who undoubtedly have shirts available in the back. But now, an AI bot has used an aggregation of band monikers and record sleeves to produce fake metal band names, album titles, and cover art…and they honestly look like the kind of shit we’d buy!

As reported by Loudwire, these fictional bands come from a new Twitter account named These Bands Aren’t Real, which uses the AI program gpt-2 to generate band names and record titles, and the AI big-sleep to generate the covers using band and album names. The result? Some believable fake bands, some ridiculous album titles that would be totally appropriate in metal, and some pretty sick conceptual sleeve art!

Take a look at some examples:


We’ll take a new copy of that Ashen Siege album, please.

The account already has over 9,800 followers and is growing rapidly. However, we can’t help but wonder: when will this actually happen? At what point do bands who are tired of trying to be original just throw a bunch of words at an AI bot and come away with their new record? That’s not necessarily a band thing, and will probably spare us a lot of really, really stupid band names. But we can’t help but worry that it’ll put dudes like Wes Benscoter and Godmachine out of a job!

In any event, keep your eyes peeled for the first AI-generated metal act in the near future. And if you see a mushroom cloud on the horizon, know that the machines have become self-aware…and they’ve decided we’re fucking posers.


Words by Chris Krovatin