A Day to Remember Bassist Leaves Band Following Resurfaced Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Photo by Jimmy Fontaine
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In August of 2020, A Day to Remember bassist John Woodard was accused of sexual misconduct with a fan, who, according to a since-deleted tweet as reported by NME, claimed he invited her to an after-party when she was 16 and had sex with her while she was “wasted.” Woodard outright denied these allegations at the time, but due to events in his life decided not to pursue legal action. Now, with the allegations resurfacing, Woodard has chosen to step down from A Day to Remember so as not to draw unwanted connections between his band and this scandal.

Woodard released the following public statement outlining his opinion and intent regarding this situation:

“In the summer of 2020, I released a statement addressing false allegations that were made against me online. At the time, with the pandemic and my daughter on the way, I personally decided to pause legal proceedings against the accuser once the post was removed.

“These accusations have unfortunately resurfaced within the last few days, and I must act accordingly. It is not fair to my bandmates and brothers to be attached to or targeted because of any of this, so I have made the decision to step down from my position in the band as of today. I will be leaving tour to be with my family and continue to defend my innocence in these matters.

“I know who I am and who I am not. I admit, wholeheartedly, that I am not a perfect person and I have made mistakes in life. I strive every day I am given to be a better person, husband, father, bandmate, and friend.

“I appreciate those who have supported me and defended my name against the lies being spread, and I am sorry to those who have been negatively affected by them. This decision is the furthest thing from what I want, but it is unfortunately what is best. Being a member of ADTR has been the greatest honor and I am so thankful for the past 18 years.”


Words by Chris Krovatin

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