11 of the Most Metal Pumpkins to Set Your Halloween On Fire

Ah, Halloween, the night when every child in America takes part in what is perceived by many to be a satanic ritual. For fans of metal and horror, Halloween isn’t just a night to indulge in our favorite media, it’s also a wonderful time when all the fresh-faced youngsters around us can get in on the morbid fun. And is there anything more delightful, innocent, and classic than carving a jack-o’-lantern on Halloween? Though based on an Irish folk tale about a drunk who outsmarts the Devil, carved pumpkins will always be a way for young and old to come together on Halloween and create a disposable version of what’s basically a severed head.

But metalheads can’t just carve a smiling face — no, they need to make everything metal! That’s why it’s unsurprising to discover that social media is littered with images of people’s heavy metal jack-o’-lanterns. Whether they’re carved with a band’s logo or painstakingly decorated with the faces of their creators’ favorite metal stars, these pumpkins make sure to represent loud, evil music on the loudest and most evil of nights.

Here are 11 pumpkins that keep Halloween dark and brutal…


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‘Getcha pulp!’ Dimebag pumpkin

It’s one thing to give a pumpkin a black metal face or carve a band logo into it. But the silhouette of Dimebag Darrell? That takes a level of dedication and carving skills most don’t have. Bet you could drink one big-ass Black-Tooth Grin out of it!


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Lantern Eddie

There are so many incarnations of Iron Maiden’s Eddie out there — why not a jack-o’-lantern? This loyal recreation of the mascot’s face from the cover of 1981’s Killers isn’t just awesome, it’s instantly recognizable. Hats off to whoever carved this — now do Piece of Mind!


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Rammstein’s Till Lantern-mann

Damn, now this took some work — and inspiration. Anyone who’s caught Rammstein live has probably seen Till Lindemann in his full Archangel get-up, so this is not just a tribute to the band, but also to their incredible show. Plus, if you have some weird, anti-Halloween, ultra-religious relatives, you can tell them it’s just an angel! Just try not to call it ‘EIN ENGEL‘ or you might give yourself away.


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Hallows Diver Dio Pumpkin

Is there any metal album cover more iconic than Dio’s Holy Diver? This carver definitely got down mascot Murray’s unique posture as he throws the priest into the sea on the cover of this timeless banger.  Let’s just hope that when you light the candle, it summons Dio’s ghost…and not a fucking hologram.


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Pumpkin Emeritus

Everybody do the Danse Macabre! We’re impressed to say the least that this pumpkin artist managed to get Ghost’s frontman so accurately into the flesh of their gourd. More importantly, they really locked down the clergyman’s upturned expression of contempt. A pumpkin that glowers at you as you carve it — a rare and awesome treat, to say the least.


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Two Minutes to Halloween Night

What the — of all the black metal faces you could’ve painted on your pumpkin, you chose Gwarsenio Hall from Two Minutes to Late Night? We all know that joker ain’t kvlt! You couldn’t do Abbath or Nattefrost, you had to pick some YouTube funnyman? No accounting for taste!

Dead Gourd Mask

Ah, the Slayer logo — is there anything metalheads are more inclined to carve into every surface imaginable? Since the moment Slayer released their first album, amateur satanists have been scratching this logo onto desks, notebook covers, and indeed jack-o’-lanterns. We’re happy to see the tradition is kept alive by this Halloweener. Hey, the Cradle of Filth logo would’ve taken forever.


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Slice of Agony

WOW. The attention to detail that it takes to carve Life of Agony’s skull wheel is impressive. How one gets all those little skull faces to stay in place, we’ll never be able to tell. Honestly, we’d have jabbed this thing with a million toothpicks. A for effort!


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Skeletonwitch-ing Hour!

Damn, son, you went all-out. Then again, if there’s any band you’re going to put in the elbow grease to honor with a pumpkin, Skeletonwitch are them. The Ohio blackened thrashers make the kind of music that elevates Halloween from a goofy night of candy to a wasted satanic ritual. Vengeance shall be thine!

“Halloween, you are my bride!”

Of course, if you’re going to do a metal pumpkin, you’ve got to honor the holiday’s sonic overlord! King Diamond will always being All Hallows Eve’s most beloved metal musician, and this artist’s depiction is beautiful accurate. You can almost hear a piercing falsetto ringing out of this gourd.


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Well, shit, talk about a metal pumpkin! This Halloweener decided that if they were going to go metal, they’d go literally metal. In this way, this ‘carver’ has taken things to a new level of brutality. Plus, this pumpkin’ll never rot! Craig Jones, eat your heart out.


Words by Chris Krovatin