Times Of Grace (featuring Members of Killswitch Engage) Release Bleak Music Video for “Far From Heavenless”

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This year saw Times of Grace, the hard rock project featuring Jesse Leach and Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage, release their first new album in a decade, Songs of Loss and Separation. Now, the band have dropped a video for the track “Far From Heavenless,” which takes them out into the desert around Joshua Tree and uses the barren landscape as a metaphor for the musicians’ souls.

“I really enjoyed creating this song,” says Adam D. “It addresses losing faith in something — whether it be organized religion, a person, or even society itself. Judgement is an alienating thing.” He continues, The video was a lot of fun to make…many thanks to Nick Hipa for coming up with the vision and dedication to get it done.”

“This song is a deep cut for me,” adds Jesse. “It reveals the dark undercurrent of the corruption and hypocrisy that can be found in some organized religion. It’s about the backlash, criticism, and casting out of those who question and seek more than what is given and spoon-fed. On one side of the message is love and acceptance; on the other is condemnation and alienation. It is one in a series of songs written about an undying thirst and desire for a deeper truth. There is beauty to religion and ritual. But there are some who use this deep conviction for personal gain, manipulation, and even evil.”

Check out “Far From Heavenless” below:

“Far From Heavenless” is somehow not even the bleakest track on Songs of Loss and Separation. Speaking to The Pit earlier this year, Jesse described just how gut-wrenching some of these songs are to him, and how hard it was to write them.

“Times of Grace albums and songs are exhausting to make,” Leach told us. “I’m still fatigued. I pour so much of my soul into them, and it has lasting effects. And I also believe that’s why Times of Grace records can’t happen more frequently. I can’t handle it. The majority of these songs are very personal. The last one, ‘Forever,’ is a bit of a storyteller, but I think it’s something I’ve been through, and what Adam’s been through. That feeling of crazy obsession and darkness. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. This album wouldn’t be as special if it wasn’t a full-on torture session writing these songs. It’s born out of pain, but hopefully it will be able help to people.”

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Words by Chris Krovatin