The Heavy Music Awards’ Twitch Stream Got Shut Down Because of Wargasm Bassist’s Nipples

Photo via Tobi Duncan's Instagram.
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Last night saw the 2021 Heavy Music Awards go down in London, with bands including Bring Me The Horizon, Spiritbox, and Wargasm honored at the ceremony.

However, the latter band apparently caused issues Twitch, who shut down the stream for the awards show for three days when Wargasm‘s Milkie Way’s nipples became visible through her top.

As reported by Loudwire, Twitch pulled the stream of the Heavy Music Awards when Milkie was performing with Trash Boat’s Tobi Duncan. During the performance, Way’s nipples became visible through her top — though one look at the outfit makes us wonder what exactly Twitch expected.

Duncan himself railed against the platform, noting in an Instagram post that his own nipples were visible as well:

“If your algorithm bans a stream for girl nipples and not boy nipples then it’s clapped and you should throw it in the fucking sea.”


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Way also commented on the event, tweeting, “I would say I’m sorry for getting the Heavy Music Awards Twitch stream shut down for 3 days because of my nipples but I’m simply not,” and following it up with, “Man, can’t believe my nipples are so powerful.”

She concluded by saying, “Seriously the last thing I’ll say on this is that I just wanted to wear a nice outfit that I felt good in for an important event and if you think that needs policing and that I’m the reason your night was ruined then I will straight up fight you…Police your expectations, not women’s bodies.”

The organizers of the Heavy Music Awards actually took the whole thing in stride, tweeting, “If anything, this just makes us love @milkieway_ even more. Every aspect of all the performances tonight made us so proud of this scene and excited for its future.”

Twitch has yet to respond.


Words by Chris Krovatin