New Metal Releases Out Today: 9/10

New metal releases
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It’s Friday, which means two things: giving the week the finger and new music! Tune in every Friday for The Pit’s round-up of new metal releases, from singalong hard rock to pus-drenched underground death metal. Keep those ears bleeding!

Andrew W.K., God Is Partying (Napalm Records)

For fans of: Rammstein, Carpenter Brut, anything by Devin Townsend

Standout track: “I’m In Heaven”

How in the fuck is it 2021 and Andrew W.K. is making an album this good? The white-shirted party rocker must have some interesting things going on in his life that he decided to only now release this metallic gem. Influenced by everything from sludge to industrial to prog, the music on God Is Partying is incredibly compelling, all the more so because it’s kind of unexpected. It’s still a party, but maybe a weirder, more menacing party, where some people are on some tough drugs.

Aborted, Maniacult (Century Media)

For fans of: Carcass, Dying Fetus, The Black Dahlia Murder

Standout track: “Dementophobia”

God damn, Aborted are truly masters of their craft. Not only have the band delivered yet another satisfying blast of gory death metal, they’ve done so without imitating themselves. These dudes could’ve churned out a replica of any of their slamming previous releases to thunderous applause; instead, they’ve changed things up on Maniacult, reveling in the empty spaces between the noise and enjoying tasty, almost thrashy riffs. Any death metal band can be brutal, but it takes guys as good as this to excite us this many times over. 

Black Mass, Feast at the Forbidden Tree (Redefining Darkness)

For fans of: Hellripper, Dark Angel, Bonded By Blood-era Exodus

Standout track: “A.S.H.E.S.”

Ungh, fuck, we live for this: thrash metal with reverb-heavy bellowed vocals. Boston’s Black Mass have been searing eardrums for some time now, and Feast at the Forbidden Tree is worthy fuel for the fire. Not only do the band bring all the hyperactive riffs and harsh guitar tones we crave, they also add big heaps of death metal grind and audible bass to the mix. The result is fucking gnarly, to the point where one sometimes wants to stop their frenzied moshing and listen closely to the music. Give it one spin for appreciation, one for kicking in heads.

Zealot R.I.P., The Extinction of You (Deathwish, Inc.)

For fans of: All Pigs Must Die, Zeke, Connoisseur

Standout track: “Worship the Serpent”

Ever wake up and think, Man, I wish I listened to more music that sounded like a car chase and shoot out in rural America? Well, your dream has now come true, fucko, because Zealot R.I.P. have put together an album that goes hard in both the disgusting speed and the wily weird. We’re talking crashing grindcore, scratched-up sludge, and a healthy dose of backwoods noise. We defy you to listen to this album and perform only legal and socially-acceptable acts.

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Words by Chris Krovatin