Mastodon Announce New Album ‘Hushed & Grim,’ Drop Speedy First Single

Foto: Fred Gasch
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It’s been a hot second since we’ve heard from stoner-metal kings Mastodon, other than that drummer Brann Dailor has an unhealthy obsession with clowns. However, the band have now announced a new album, and have dropped the first single to boot.

Mastodon’s new album will be titled Hushed & Grim, and will see the light of day on October 29th. The record was produced by David Bottrill, best known for his work with the likes of Tool and Peter Gabriel. The band describe the release as “a collection of our authentic emotions pulled from our real life experiences and we can not wait to share them with you!”

The first single from the record, “Pushing the Tides,” goes a little faster and more frantic than some of Mastodon’s other recent material. In that respect, it harkens back to the band’s earlier days, when the band was often lumped in with acts like Dillinger Escape Plan. Of course, it’s still Mastodon, so there’s plenty of big, burly riffs and stoner metal wails to satisfy those fans who are here for the heavier, more galumphing material.

Check out “Pushing the Tides” below:

Mastodon’s Hushed & Grim is available for preorder. Check out the full tracklisting and cover art below:

1. Pain With An Anchor
2. The Crux
3. Sickle And Peace
4. More Than I Could Chew
5. The Beast
6. Skeleton Of Splendor
7. Teardrinker
8. Pushing The Tides
9. Peace And Tranquility
10. Dagger
11. Had It All
12. Savage Lands
13. Gobblers Of Dregs
14. Eyes Of Serpents
15. Gigantium

While some bands get the last-minute jitters when a big album is on the way, but such is not the case with Mastodon. Speaking to The Pit, bassist Troy Sanders explained that a big part of excelling at music was knowing when to relinquish control.

“Ultimately, what matters most is that internal people involved are super happy with everything,” said Troy. “There are moments you might question, but you have to get over that hump. Because what’s in your control is the riffs you create, the songcraft you put together, the lyrics you choose — what becomes a full album.

“That’s what’s in our power,” he added. “Once everyone’s happy with all of that, then it can be released into the world, because you always want to look back and be super happy and proud of it. If your circle of fans don’t love it, or it’s too odd for people to grasp onto — anything from a huge success to an ultimate let-down to your circle of fans — you can’t control that. You want people to like it, and you hope people love it, but all that’s in your power.”


Words by Chris Krovatin