Limp Bizkit Drop Studio Version of “Dad Vibes,” Their First New Song In Seven Years

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Last month, nu-metal punching bags Limp Bizkit revealed that they’d be “leaking” new material very soon. This came after the band premiered a brand-new track, “Dad Vibes,” at this year’s Lollapalooza. Now, Limp Bizkit have officially dropped a lyric video for the studio version of the song, and if you’re ready for the brilliant new face of Limp Bizkit, well, it’s pickles on parade for you, buddy.

In a way, “Dad Vibes” keeps up with title’s theme in that it’s kind of laid-back and not trying too hard. There’s the feeling of a middle-aged dad here, who’s stopped caring about what other people think and is down to just wear his comfortable clothes, sip his lite beer, and talk to other dads about their respective leaf blowers. While fans waiting for the new “Break Stuff” might be put off by the lack of aggression, those who dug Limp Bizkit’s chiller material will eat this up. The video, meanwhile, is colorful and psychedelic, playing on Bizkit’s recent popularity with Gen Z while using clips of Fred Durst in his dad outfit to drive home the single’s atmosphere.

Check out “Dad Vibes” below:

And check out the single artwork here:

While fans may be excited to hear the studio version of “Dad Vibes,” they’ll unfortunately have to wait to see the single performed live once more. Last month, Limp Bizkit canceled their remaining tour dates with Spiritbox, claiming that the precautions against COVID being enacted by the newly-opening live music industry are still subpar.

“In short, the system is still very flawed,” said Fred Durst in an interview. “Even if the performers, crews, staff, and promoters do their best to ensure safety on and behind the stage, that doesn’t ensure the safety of the audience as a whole. We are all in this together, and we all — individually and as a whole — have to make our best efforts to be as responsible and proactive as possible moving forward to combat and stop spreading COVID.”

In the meantime, you can check out Limp Bizkit’s live performance of the track via the video below:


Words by Chris Krovatin