Kim Kardashian: North West Is “A Total Goth…She Listens to Black Sabbath”

Via Kim Kardashian's Instagram.
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The beautiful thing about metal is that no matter what background you come from — no matter how rich or poor or privileged or struggling you are — if it hits you right, it completes you. Metal brings together people from all walks of life, who converge in a cultural mosh pit with a shrug and a confession of, I don’t know, I just feel okay when this music comes on. Case in point, North West, the daughter of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West, is probably one of the most privileged children in the world, but according to her mom, she’s still a goth who listens to Black Sabbath.

Speaking to Ellen Degeneres, Kardashian commented on her daughter’s stygian qualities, saying, “North is like goth. She’s into Hot Topic…She puts fake tattoos on her face and she listens to Black Sabbath. She’s just, like, a full goth girl.”

Kim also recently posted some shots to her Instagram that suggest that North is indeed down with the sickness:


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Right on, North! If you ever need some music recommendations, check out The Pit’s Halloween list of the 31 spookiest albums of all time. It gets real dark in there, but in a fun way!

Though arguably the most famous mainstream celebrity in the world, Kardashian is no stranger to the metal world. Due to their united Armenian heritage, she and System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian are very well acquainted.

“Oh, I know the Kardashians quite well,” Shavo said in a recent interview. “I used to be very good friends with Kanyé [West, Kim Kardashian’s ex]. Though this was a few years ago now, I’ve been to their house a lot. They’re just like you’d imagine they’d be: very cool, personable people. In fact, when System Of A Down was asked to play in Armenia in 2015, come to find out that Kanyé had just played the same venue a week before we did. Yeah, I like the Kardashians a lot.”


Words by Chris Krovatin