Here Are the Scenes That Were Too Violent for ‘Jackass’

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In July, the trailer was unveiled for Jackass Forever, the fourth installment of the torturous film series that sees a gang of scraggly dudes with no regard for their personal wellbeing getting hurt for our entertainment.

Now, not only has it been revealed that the film’s cast has racked up over $24 million in hospital bills, but members of the Jackass crew have revealed that there were a number of scenes that were just too violent for the show to ever include.

Speaking to chicken wing-centric YouTube series Hot Ones, stars Steve-O and Wee Man discuss the scenes that were simply too violent for Jackass. Surprisingly, they weren’t especially elaborate, like getting bitten by a poisonous animal or falling off a building — they were just really fucking hardcore.

“I’ve got at least three for Jackass,” laughs Steve-O. “Knoxville thought it was a great idea! He just got in a box, they tucked in some pillows around him, taped it up, rolled it down a huge flight of cement stairs, and it was violent as hell!

“There was also when Knoxville shot himself with the 38-calibre Smith & Wesson handgun,” continued Steve-O. “And when he said, ​I’m Johnny Knoxville and I’m going to get hit by a car real soon,’ [the] car just came flying, he went through the windshield, rolled over.

They asked him, ​What were you thinking when you got hit by a car?’ And his answer was, ​I wore two pairs of jeans so that I’d be safe’.”

Check out the full segment here:

Unfortunately, not everyone appearing in Jackass Forever came out unscathed. During one scene caught on camera for Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ event, professional surfer Sean “Poopies” McInerney was wakeboarding in the ocean while surrounded by a swarm of sharks.
After landing one trick a little slower than he should have, McInerney was confronted by one of the movie’s animal stars.

“I told my driver to go like 10 miles an hour so we don’t go too fast, but I think we went a little too slow and I launched like four to five feet into the shark pit,” said McInerney, “and when I landed in that shark pit, I thought I was gonna die.”

“There were 10 sharks around me and I was trying to swim out and I couldn’t,” said McInerney. “I knew I got bit, and when I got bit I thought I was gonna get attacked by like six more sharks and luckily I didn’t. I just got my hand bitten — scariest thing in my life.”

Check out the footage below:

Jackass Forever is scheduled to be released on February 4th, 2022.


Words by Chris Krovatin