Get Your Blocks Off: LEGO Has Released a Fender Stratocaster Playset, Complete With An Amp and Whammy Bar

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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If you’re reading The Pit, you’re probably a grown-up with grown-up cares (and if you’re under 18, just don’t let your legal guardian see that you’re reading lists of songs about asses). That said, if you’re anything like us, and someone handed you a very cool LEGO set, you’d probably drop everything to sit down and build, say, the Millennial Falcon, or Castle Dracula. Well, now metalheads can live out both their childhood pleasures and their rock star fantasies, as LEGO has released a Fender Stratocaster playset — and it even comes with an amp and whammy bar.

As reported by Laughing Squid, Slovakian designer Tomáš Letenay submitted his blueprint for a LEGO Strat due to his love of playing guitar growing up: “I used to play electric guitar when I was a teenager and I always dreamed of owning a Fender Stratocaster – but I could never afford it. The competition on LEGO Ideas gave me the chance to create it in LEGO bricks. The Stratocaster was my gateway into music and I love seeing my LEGO design with the stand. I am hoping that other guitar fans get as much joy out of building it as I have.”

Tomáš got his design approved, and the LEGO Stratocaster playset was born. According to its makers, “The guitar features six strings, poseable tuning pegs and a tremolo arm for all the distortion you can handle. Plus, there is also a folding display stand, and an accompanying foot pedal and amp. The amplifier’s back and top covers can also be removed to show its inner speaker code, wiring and intricate details such as the tubes, speaker and motherboard.”

Check out some pictures of LEGO’s completed Stratocaster playset:

LEGO’s Stratocaster playset can be yours for a bill at the company’s webstore.

Words by Chris Krovatin