Ex-Megadeth Bassist Dave Ellefson Is Teasing A New Project

Bizu, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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Earlier this year, thrash legends Megadeth parted ways with bassist Dave Ellefson due to an online sex scandal. Several text interactions were posted online between Ellefson and a woman who is not his wife, as well as a sexually explicit video of Ellefson (rumors that the woman in question was underage and that the bassist had been “grooming” her were swiftly proved false). Now, Ellefson has reappeared on social media, and is teasing a new project for September 8th.

After a brief hiatus from social media following his departure form the band, Ellefson took to Facebook to post the following images, which are teasing something called ‘The Lucid.’ What that is — a band, a solo project, or something different altogether — are not yet clear. But he’s certainly piqued our interest.

Shortly after his scandal came to light, Ellefson released the following statement: “Recently, a very private video was illegally posted on the internet and false allegations were made against me. The actions in the video were between two consenting adults and were recorded without my knowledge. I am working with Scottsdale Police Department in their investigation into charges regarding revenge pornography to be filed against the person who posted this video. Also, my lawyers are preparing a defamation lawsuit to be filed against this person. This person will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I am taking this time to be with my family. I wish my bandmates the best with their upcoming tour.”

Ellefson’s firing has been a bone of contention for Megadeth fans. While his behavior was obviously not very gentlemanly, neither is playing in a thrash band, and nothing the bassist did was illegal. However, frontman Dave Mustaine has obviously already made up his mind on the issue, having erased Ellefson’s bass parts from the upcoming album and hiring a new bassist for their current tour.


Words by Chris Krovatin