Demiricous’ First Track In 12 Years Will Knock Your Teeth Out

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In the mid-2000s, Demiricous were a band with endless potential. The Indiana quartet’s two studio albums, 2006’s One (Hellbound) and 2007’s Two (Poverty) were some of the most vicious, no-nonsense thrash you could find out there. This wasn’t punky throwback thrash, either — this was Dimebag-on-steroids American groove thrash, with ample doses of hardcore chug and backwoods scorn. Now, Demiricous have released their first new track in 12 years, and damn does it prove that time hasn’t dulled their edge.

The band’s new song, “Terminal Future,” which just premiered at Decibel, starts off with a mule kick to the chest and never calms down or lets up. Vocalist Nate Olp (also of brutal doom crew Lair of the Minotaur) has the full-throated bellow of a dude who is actually venting his own spleen rather than pretending to be a demon. But it’s the two-headed guitar attack of Scott Wilson and Ben Parrish that really makes this track a gem; the band’s riffs are as thick as oncoming stormclouds and as hard-hitting as a sledgehammer. It’s a rad new single that’ll make you want to smash every car window on the block.

Check out “Terminal Future” below:

You can throw some bones at Demiricous by purchasing “Terminal Future” via their Bandcamp.

For those of you who don’t know the band, Demiricous’ back catalog is absolutely fucking punishing, and definitely worth a listen. The Pit’s own Chris Krovatin featured their track “Acid Lung” as one of his 30 thrash songs that go criminally under-recognized. 

“‘Acid Lung’ is in a nutshell why Indianapolis’ Demiricous never broke through to the wider metal-loving audience: they were just too fucking pissed off,” wrote Chris. “Fueled by the nastiest of Pantera’s material but unwilling to get funky and flashy with it, the band’s two studio albums are total steamrollers that casual listeners  just won’t be able to stomach. This track, one of their fastest and most punishing, seems tuned to the band’s entire ethos while giving fans a chance to scream, ‘ACID LUNG — FUCK ‘EM ALL!’ at the top of their lungs. We’d take a third album by these guys any time.”