Dave Grohl Lends His Throne to Metal Bassist Who Was Shot While Stopping Gunman

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Man, Dave Grohl‘s been proving his important role in the metal community lately. First, the Foo Fighters frontman revealed that he almost joined space perverts GWAR back in the ’80s before taking on his gig as drummer of Nirvana. Now, it’s been revealed that Dave lent the throne he used when he broke his leg to a metal guitarist who was recently shot while stopping a gunman from shooting up a gig.

A little context: earlier this month, bassist Darin Wall of Seattle old-school metallers Greyhawk confronted one Ethan Byrd outside of Boise, Idaho, venue The Shredder. Apparently, in the wee small hours after the night’s show, Byrd began acting belligerently to concertgoers and staff, and eventually started pointing into the venue with finger-guns and miming shooting people. This understandably struck Wall as pretty fucked up, and he and a member of another band decided to make sure Byrd stayed outside of the venue. Apparently, Byrd went back to his car, and then returned with a firearm. Wall responded by kicking Byrd in the leg, and they two began struggling.

“I saw him reach behind his back and grab the gun,” said Wall. “That’s when I moved in. No other options went through my head. The gun was in the pocket of his pants And he shot me through his pants, and got me in the upper thigh.”

According to Consequence of Sound, Wall did a radio interview in which he joked about using the throne Dave Grohl used when he fell off the stage and broke his leg in Sweden back in 2015. Dave’s camp got word of the interview, and Wall received a pretty unexpected phone call.

“[Grohl] called me from the MTV VMA awards and he said, ‘I’ll ship that throne up to you at my expense,’” Wall said to KING 5 News in Seattle.

“There’s three people who’ve used this,” Wall went on to say, “Dave Grohl, Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses, and me.”

Check out a news report below:

So there you have it: Darin Wall’s the fucking man for stopping senseless violence at a metal show, and Dave Grohl’s the fucking man for sending his throne to him. Heavy music prevails once more.


Words by Chris Krovatin