This Misfits ‘Earth A.D.’ Statue Will Turn Your Bookshelf Into a Repulsive Nightmare

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In recent years, rock-oriented toy line KnuckleBonz hit big with their Rock Iconz line, featuring collectible figurines of acts like Ghost and Metallica. Now, the company has decided to wander into the shadows, as they’ve created a statuette of the cover of Earth A.D., the 1983 album by horror punk legends The Misfits, and damn if it isn’t pretty incredible.

The Misfits Earth A.D. statue is 10″ tall by 10.25″ wide, and features the album cover’s Devilock-sporting ghoul surrounded by a bizarre horde of mutated creatures. Its size and detail are impressive — and explain why the statue costs an intense $1999.

“Knucklebonz 3D Vinyl nailed our classic ‘Earth A.D.’ cover in such incredible, gory detail it might even surpass the original art!” says Misfits bassist Jerry Only. “Limited run of 1983 to immortalize the year the Misfits set the bar faster, harder, and higher, changing the face of hardcore and metal forever. Death came ripping, and it hasn’t been the same ever since. Now you can hold that moment in time in your hands with this ferociously accurate rendering of the Misfits ‘Earth A.D.’ illustration by the late Mad Marc Rude.”

“Here at our KnuckleBonz studio, I think we have the greatest jobs in the world,” says Tony Simerman, CEO/creative director of KnuckleBonz, Inc. “Now, added to our daily duties is imagining what to create with the Misfits amazing catalog and ‘The Fiend’. We have such sights to show you!”

Check out pictures of the statue below:

The statue is available via Knucklebonz’s website.


Words by Chris Krovatin