Late Entombed Vocalist LG Petrov Has a Tombstone With Lucifer On It

Photo by Selbymay, via Wikipedia
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Back in March, the metal world was crushed to learn that Lars-Göran Petrov, founding vocalist of Swedish death metal legends Entombed, had died at the age of 49. Now, Petrov’s tombstone has been revealed, and not only is it tasteful and beautiful, it also features an image of Lucifer on it.

The depiction of Lucifer comes, of course, from Entombed’s 2001 album Morning Star, a record which deeply examined the fallen angel’s story and legacy within the Christian world. Interestingly enough, the illustration doesn’t make Lucifer seem all that terrifying, and could be easily mistaken from the Virgin Mary — but a closer look shows the rebel angel’s hands steepled in the metal horns. It’s a nice, fitting grave for someone who made so many morbid, blasphemous people so happy.

“LGs stone is finally in place,” wrote the members of Firespawn, Petrov’s latest project before his passing. “It’s an absolutely beautiful stone, it couldn’t be any more perfect. Big thanks to Mogge Ekstrand and Anders Jansson for arranging this beautiful stone for all of us to visit Those two boys deserves all the love and respect for everything they’ve done during LGs last time in life and also after his passing. All Hail to you buddies! Rest In Peace LG.”

Take a look at Petrov’s stone below:

“All the years, all the toil, all the dreams, the struggle, the rewards, the humor, the laughter, and the tears,” said guitarists Alex Hellid and Uffe Cederlund in a collective statement at the time of LG’s passing. “It’s been a long damn journey and the memories are many and fantastic. Everything we’ve experienced and laughed at together, the big and the small, from being teenage kids to almost growing up. Your now legendary and unique sayings, your ‘LGisms’, must surely one day find their way into the dictionary. How can you argue against ‘Pizza was invented in the late ’70s by Turkish people in Bredäng (Sweden)’!”


Words by Chris Krovatin