Dana Dentata Reveals Details for Debut Album ‘pantychrist,’ Drops New Single via Sexy-As-Hell Video

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Last we heard from blasphemous female rapper Dana Dentata was when she dropped the intense video for “Pantychrist,” the title track from her new album. Now, Dana has revealed the details for the record, accompanying them with a new track “Apology” via an ultra-sexy music video.

Dana Dentata’s pantychrist comes out September 3rd via Roadrunner Records, making her the first female solo artists to drop an album on the label. The latest single from the album, “Apology,” produced by 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady, is a little less acerbic than the previous ones, trading Dana’s unhinged venom for sharp confidence and brooding rage (not that the lyrics are in any way less hardcore than those of her previous singles — Dana is still happy to call out those who have wronged her).

The Kathleen Dycalco-directed video, similarly, feels more in touch with Dentata as an artist — while her last video was all witches and horror movie scenarios, this one has her dancing sensually in a bower of broken glass, surrounded by nosy onlookers. Of course, it’s Dana Dentata, so there are still off-putting surgical tools, pained expressions, and swung axes, implying that the track’s slightly subdued tone does not mean its maker has chilled out in any way.

Check out “Apology” below:

Dana Dentata’s pantychrist is available for preorder. Check out the full tracklisting and cover art below:

1. Birth
2. pantychrist
3. Church Hooker
4. Spit (feat. Travis Barker)
5. I Know What You Did Last Summer
6. Flesh Prison
7. Happy Family
8. Manic Monday
9. Free
10. Like A Preyer
11. I.U.D
12. Apology
13. Woodstock 99


Words by Chris Krovatin