We’ve All Been There: Half-Naked Guitarist Arrested In Driveway for Playing Too Loud

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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While the laws of every country are different, we can all agree that it’s no crime to take your shirt off and blast some delicious riffage for all the neighborhood to hear. Unfortunately, The Man will have you believe that taking off your clothes and treating your community to some ghost-pepper guitar licks is somehow inappropriate. Case in point, an Australian guitarist was recently arrested for getting partially undressed and playing some killer guitar in his own driveway.

You might know Savas Caruso by his fuckin’ metal name Subblet Hammer. As reported by Metal Injection, the thunder from down under decided to serenade locals around his Adelaide home with some dirty-boy rock and roll, and figured the best way to do it would be in his skivvies. But the locals just couldn’t take the heat, and called the cops on the Hammer for a noise complaint. That said, Hammer goes as quietly as a true rocker can, though he makes sure to laugh it up the entire time.

Check out this miscarriage of justice below:

Thankfully, Hammer isn’t taking this lying down, or dressed. After the police issued an order forbidding him to play live music for 72 hours after his arrest, Subblet has launched a Change.org petition to help him overturn this ridiculous decree.

“The police have no grounds on which to enforce this order,” says the petition’s page. “therefore had no authority to come onto the man’s property while playing his music and disconnect the power followed by the shocking, physical bombardment they call an arrest, of the innocent musician practising his art…The video footage shows Antonio Caruso, the artist’s brother, handing over a non-consent form and a notice of liability to the officer’s that states if the police follow through with the arrest and trespass on private property without a warrant, they will made liable for damages.

“The video clearly shows they unjustifiably used a forceful approach. Their appalling display of authority was a clear tactic of intimidation to suppress the man’s rights to express himself using his music.”

You can sign the petition at its Change.org page.


Words by Chris Krovatin