Was Randy Rhoads’ Death a Prank Gone Wrong? A New TV Series Investigates

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One of the most tragic losses in heavy metal history is the death of Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads, who died in plane crash while on tour with Ozzy in 1982, at the age of 26. For many, Randy’s death marked a dark turning point in heavy metal history, but was seen as entirely an accident. Now, a new TV series seeks to investigate whether or not Randy’s death was the resulted of a prank gone wrong.

An episode of AXS TV’s show Music’s Greatest Mysteries, which initially aired this Wednesday, July 7th, and will re-air tonight, Friday, June 9th, examines the circumstances surrounding the crash in which Randy died. Appearing in the episode will be a panel including Rhoads’s siblings Kathy and Kelle, his former bandmate and friend and friend Rudy Sarzo, and Ahmet Zappa.

“Music fans have questions and ‘Music’s Greatest Mysteries’ has the answers, making it the perfect addition to our all-new Wednesday night lineup which digs deep into the world of music and takes fans behind the scenes,” said AXS TV head of original programming, development and multi-platform content Sarah Weidman, “From the heartfelt and inspiring, to the strange and even sinister, music history is packed with fables and figures that have kept fans intrigued for decades. Our viewers loved hearing the stories we shared when ‘Music’s Greatest Mysteries’ premiered last fall, and we have even more incredible tales and water cooler fodder to share when the series returns on July 7.”

For those who loved him, Rhoads’ death is still a fresh wound. His loss still sticks with Ozzy to this day, who told Rolling Stone in 2018, “To this day, as I’m talking to you, I’m back in this field looking at this fucking plane wreck and this house on fire.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the episode tonight on AXS TV.


Words by Chris Krovatin