Video: Death Metal Band Perform at Elementary School, Kids Go Nuts

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Due to its violent imagery and subject matter, parents often act as though extreme metal isn’t for children.

But that’s nonsense — any metalhead parent knows that little kids actually love death metal music, in part because it’s kinetic and crazy, and in part because the vocalists often sound like their favorite Sesame Street monsters.

Now, once Canadian death metal band has released a video of them premiering their new album to an elementary school full of children — and, no surprise, the kids are all about it.

The band in question are Quebecois tech-death act Obvurt, whose members’ other past and current projects include Black Crown Initiate, Cattle Decapitation, Gorod, and Cryptopsy. The band performed their new EP, The Beginning, on the playground of École primaire Saint-Albert-Le-Grand for a lucky group of students.

“The physical education teacher and school principal introduced me to this idea,” said guitarist Philippe Drouin, who is also a music teacher. “He was thinking about a party to celebrate the end of the school year by doing a show in the school backyard where [I teach music].”

He knew about the release of [Obvurt album] The Beginning on March 31st and thought about the idea to bring The Beginning to life in the school backyard.

According to Metal Injection, Drouin was in a car accident in 2016 that left him unable to play with his right hand and forced him to learn to play with his left hand.

“I wasn’t sure at first, it was strange to me,” Drouin said of the schoolyard show. “But all the kids knew about the fact that I switched to left handed and released something before the pandemic started. That show became a big surprise when the kids recognized the musicians and the Obvurt logo on the amp. The kids really enjoyed the performance, which was very inspiring to us and we were pleased to release this unique performance video.”

Check out this touching moment of death metal mayhem below. Obvurt’s The Beginning is out now on Brutal Mind and available for purchase. Words by Chris Krovatin