Video: Bavarian ‘Yodel King’ Franzl Lang Gets A Blistering Metal Remix

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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You may remember guitarist Andre Antunes as the guy who performed a metal remix of Trump ‘faith advisor’ Paula White-Cain’s insane rant about angels coming from Africa to smite Biden voters (or something). Well, now Andre has decided to take a step back from politics and focus on the most metal musical genre that isn’t metal itself — that’s right, Bavarian fuckin’ yodeling! Andre has written a powerful accompaniment to Bavarian ‘yodel king’ Franzl Lang, and if you thought you knew yodeling, get ready to have your mind blow.

While we think Andre’s riffs definitely ‘make’ this video, what surprised us the most was how amazing Lang is at his art form. It’s easy to pretend one knows how to yodel — come on, we’ve all gotten wasted at a wedding and decided now was the time to show off how our yodeling classes were going — but Lang is a goddamn champ. His ululation is such that one wonders at times whether or not Antunes is playing the guitar or if that’s Lang wailing away. Either way, we’re super down to hear the pure, unbridled sonic fury of Bavaria finally getting its due.

Take a sonic journey to a Munich beer hall below:

What Antunes’ Paula White-Cain video doesn’t bring in yodel artistry, it surely brings in religious mania. As you’ll see below, the video opens with Antunes listening to White-Cain’s speech calling for African angels to smite anti-Trumpers (or whatever the fuck she’s talking about). White-Cain is also heard ‘speaking in tongues,’ which is a religious term for when you can’t come up with anything important or relevant to say, and just yell what Spanish sounds like to you. The more Paula speaks, the more Antunes seems to realize that her rhetoric sounds a lot like metal lyrics, and decides to set her speech to thick, groovy riffs.

Take a look and cringe like hell:


Words by Chris Krovatin