Video: Adult Film Star Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson Gets Sacred and Profane With His New Band Empty Streets

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Some of you will probably recognize Aaron Thompson on sight, though not as many of you will admit that publicly. Aaron is mostly known by his stage name Small Hands, under which he’s become one of the most widely-recognized adult performers in the world (he’s also married to author and adult superstar Joanna Angel). But Aaron is also a musician under the name Empty Streets, and has just released a new single from the project’s upcoming EP Age of Regret, which you can check out below.

What might surprise some people about Empty Streets’ new track “Pleaser” is that though its creator is a renowned porn star, the song itself isn’t overly sleazy. In fact, quite the opposite — Thompson takes things in a stark, synth-drenched direction, echoing acts like Cold Cave, Depeche Mode, and latter-day Bring Me The Horizon. The video, meanwhile, has an atmosphere of modern American religion, casting Thompson as a suit-clad preacher at a neon mass. Also in the video are adult stars Kira Noir and Jessie Lee, portraying the hooded forces of darkness (or maybe the shadowy truth of the church) binding Aaron in chains.

“Being the son of a preacher, I loved creating a bastardized church setting for this video,” says Thompson of the video. “It’s a slick middle finger to the upbringing of my youth and at the same time a moment of self-realization – for all that I try to escape it, in many ways I’m just another lunatic on a soapbox screaming like my father.”

Check out the video for “Pleaser” below:

Empty Streets’ Age of Regret EP is due out August 6th via Cleopatra Records, and is available for preorder. The album was mastered by Jaime Preciado, with dditional production was provided by The Dillinger Escape Plans’ Ben Weinman (“All You Deserve”) and goth/synth artist Ophelia, as well as additional mixing and mastering by Shawn McGhee.


Words by Chris Krovatin