Spirit Adrift Release Epic, Uplifting New Single “Forge Your Future”

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Last year’s studio release by Arizona doom metallers Spirit Adrift, Enlightened In Eternity, was our #2 album of the year, and continues to get better with every listen. Now, the band have dropped a new single from their upcoming EP, and goddamn is it rad as hell. God DAMN.

The song, “Forge Your Future,” is the embodiment of a classic metal track: mid-paced, heavy-riffed, and positive as hell. The song continues the timeless traditions started by Ozzy and Maiden of writing long, steady tracks which act as a ray of light in the listener’s weary world. Somehow, over the course of six-plus minutes, a song that never moves faster than a stomp remains entertaining and thoughtful. Any other band of Spirit Adrift’s generation trying to write this song would wind up with something long-winded and exhausting, but “Forge Your Future” kills it, every spin.

“On March 1, 2020, I relocated to the woods outside of Austin, Texas,” explains Spirit Adrift mastermind Nate Garrett of the new EP. “Two weeks later, everything was locked down. I turned to the thing that has helped me navigate difficult situations for most of my life: writing music. I wrote and demoed a ton of songs over the course of the pandemic. The songs on this E.P. are the best of the bunch.

“Marcus, Preston, and I recorded these in March of 2021 at Homewrecker Recording Studio with Ryan Bram at the helm,” continues Nate. “Zeuss handled mixing and mastering, after lengthy discussions about Martin Birch, Tom Allom, Crowbar, and how important it is to carry forth the essence and spirit of heavy metal. Special thanks to our friend Cody Davis for the brilliant title…These songs, and this band, represent persevering through difficult times, staying true to your innermost self, and celebrating the life-affirming power of metal. We can’t wait to see you all live and in the flesh, in the meantime we hope you enjoy the tunes.”

Check out “Forge Your Future” below:

Spirit Adrift’s Forge Your Future EP comes out August 27th via Century Media, and is available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin