Sheri Moon Zombie Gives Update On Rob Zombie’s ‘Munsters’ Reboot

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Back in March, pretty solid rumors began circulating that shock rocker Rob Zombie was finally directing his dream project: a reboot of ’60s horror-comedy show The Munsters. Then, last month, Zombie posted to his social media accounts confirming that The Munsters would be his next film project. Now, amidst constant questions from fans, Rob’s wife and muse Sheri Moon Zombie, who is set to star in the film as vampire homemaker Lily Munster, has given an update on production.

“Seeing folks ask when a trailer is coming out,” Moon Zombie posted on her Facebook account, according to Dread Central. Unfortunately, the star then quickly put much of the anticipation to rest: “The film is in pre-production, currently being location scouted so nothing to show for a while yet.”

Rob, meanwhile, recently posted a video to his social media in which he showed off a possible location for the film, for which the director is currently scouting locales in Budapest. “This area certainly looks promising for some Munsters fun,” wrote Rob of the grim, looming castle in his footage.


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More on this as we know it, but hey, that’s a really cool-looking castle!

If you’ve never seen it, The Munsters tells the story of a family made up of Frankenstein’s monster (Herman), Dracula’s daughter (Lily), their werewolf son (Eddie, and maybe Rob will clear up the genetics here), Dracula himself (Grandpa), and their bubbly human niece (Marilyn). The Munsters are all good-natured night creatures who mostly want to help out their community and make vermin-based food, but everyone around them is fucking terrified of them, and thus hijinks ensue. The cartoonish nature of the show might feel silly to some, but in the hands of Rob Zombie — whose big hit “Dragula” is a direct reference to The Munsters — it’ll no doubt be a ton of fun.


Words by Chris Krovatin