New Metal Releases Out Today: 7/2

New metal releases
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It’s Friday, which means two things: giving the week the finger and new music! Tune in every Friday for The Pit’s round-up of new metal releases, from singalong hard rock to pus-drenched underground death metal. Keep those ears bleeding!

At The Gates, The Nightmare of Being (Century Media)

For fans of: Nightrage, The Black Dahlia Murder, Arch Enemy

Standout track: “Touched by the White Hands of Death”

Wow, good for At The Gates! The Swedish melodeath champions could’ve easily just written another blast of delicious riffage, and we would’ve latched onto it with grateful smiles. Instead, this time around the band are doing interesting, theatrical new stuff — more melancholy, more intros, more tempo shifts. Though we may never have expected a challenging ATG record, we’re really happy they made one, because man, this rules!

Year of No Light, Consolamentum (Pelagic Records)

For fans of: Deafheaven, Gallowbraid, Perturbator

Standout track: “Réalgar”

Woof, prepare to have your heart ripped out. French post-metallers Year of No Light really don’t mess around with vocal messages about specific people or political stances. No, this instrumental record is pure emotion, slamming the listener with wave after wave of cinematic empathery that’ll have one staring at rain running down a bus window like it’s a secret message from God. An excellent soundtrack to an epically grey day.

Stress Angel, Bursting Church (Dying Victims Productions)

For fans of: Aura Noir, Satan’s Wrath, Midnight

Standout track: “Godless Shrill”

Hot damn, these dudes really bring the thunder. Stress Angel may be a blackened band from Brooklyn, but that don’t mean that all they bring to the table is a vegan potato salad with homemade “paprika.” These dudes play gnarly black thrash with heavy doses of fuzz and gallop, and it’s a lot of fucking fun to listen to. Not for the more precious metalheads of the scene, that’s for sure — this is for patch vests over bare chests and KICKIN’ STUFF.

Olórin, Through Shadow and Flame (Rafchild Records)

For fans of: The Gates of Slumber, Alter of Oblivion, Domkraft

Standout track: “Ringwe”

If you’ve never heard of Illinois’ Olórin before today, that’s okay, because neither had we. But the five-piece band’s epic, clean-vocaled doom metal is fun and interesting enough that they’re instantly on our radar. We won’t lie, we checked this album out because of its breathtakingly messy cover, but the band’s throbbing riffs and sorrowful atmosphere kept us coming back to it. Shine on, you tarnished diamonds, you! 

Other crushers:

  • Born of Osiris, Angel of Alien (Sumerian Records)
  • Noctambulist, The Barren Form (Willotip)
  • Vassago, Storm of Satan (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

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Words by Chris Krovatin