Exclusive Video Premiere: Fulci’s New Video Is A Jarring Journey Into Unbridled Decay

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It is unsurprising that Fulci have a good eye for visual media. The Italian death metal band are literally named after one of horror’s most interesting and legendary directors. Not only that, but on their upcoming new record Exhumed Information, the Caserta three-piece made an effort to incorporate more cinematic elements into their killer brand of roiling, guts-ripping death metal. So when it came time for the band to make a video, fans probably weren’t that surprised to discover that Fulci were down to do something a little more interesting than the average rehearsal shoot.

And yet for “Tomb,” the band’s new video being exclusively premiered below, Fulci decided to take a left turn away from the predictable. It would’ve been easy for these three guys to fill a bunch of Halloween masks with cold cuts and ketchup and hack at them with machetes or whatever. Instead, the “Tomb” video is made up of performance footage in an abandoned building — and yet it is shot so psychedelically and compellingly that it feels exciting the entire time. One wonders what some other bands are doing with their video budgets when something this simple yet powerful can make a band feel so exciting to witness. Then again, not every band can write a track as pulverizing as “Tomb.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of Fulci’s “Tomb” below:

Fulci’s Exhumed Information comes out July 23rd on Time to Kill Records, and is available for preorder.

If Fulci’s horrific side is more your thing, never fear — the band took the time earlier this week to list their favorite zombie kills from throughout cinema history. With breasts bitten off, throats ripped open, skulls crushed and eyes popped out of sockets from every direction, the ranking will undoubtedly give horror hounds the chunk-style gore they so hideously crave.


Words by Chris Krovatin