Dana Dentata Revels In Blasphemy In New Video “pantychrist’

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In a world where everyone with a Tarot card tattoo calls themself a ‘witch,’ Dana Dentata is one of the few artists bringing some believable sacrilege to the table. The rapper, who is the first female solo artist to sign to Roadrunner Records, is really taking aim at all of society’s most sacred-yet-plastic institutions — motherhood, the church, traditional masculine and feminine roles, the works. Now, Dana has released the title track of her upcoming new album pantychrist alongside a horrifically sexy video that shows just how blasphemous she’s willing to go.

Throughout the course of the video, “pantychrist” confronts several traditionally feminine roles to great effect. Part one of the video is a pregnancy horror story, with a properly-bonneted mother-to-be getting bound and tormented by cross-faced nurses. An interaction with a shadowy figure turns Dana into the traditional New England witch, sexualizing the crucifixion in a candlelit barn amidst beasts of the field. But her final form is something different and strange, a Lady Of The Lake-ish figure who emerges from a swamp with a look of calm satisfaction in her eyes. It’s a cool journey that shows all of the artist’s different aspects, from vulnerable to defiant to dominant.

“Healing a lifetime of trauma can feel uncomfortable, vulnerable and painful, similar to a pregnancy,” says Dana of the video.  “Your former self may die in the process but what comes next is a new creation of life that is beautiful and pure. In many ways the abuse I’ve endured around my womb has held me down and kept me in purgatory. Ripping out the nail from my womb means setting myself free, bringing my new self back to life to experience happiness, purity and bliss. The ‘pantychrist’ state of mind I have been manifesting is finally coming to fruition.”

Check out “pantychrist” below:

Look for Dana Dentata’s pantychrist out later this year.


Words by Chris Krovatin