Former Cro-Mags Vocalist John Joseph On Foo Fighters’ Vaccinated-Only Shows: “What Kind of Bulls**t Is That?”

John Joseph by Ray Lego, Dave Grohl via Wikipedia
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Earlier this year, rock megastars Foo Fighters announced that all attendees to their upcoming shows had to provide some proof that they were vaccinated against COVID-19. This has been met with mixed reactions — some say Dave Grohl and Co. are doing the safe, responsible thing, while others see this as a form of discrimination. Now, John Joseph, former member of seminal hardcore band Cro-Mags, has publicly decried the band’s choice.

In a recent interview with Joseph on web series The Void with Christina, the hardcore singer went on a tirade about how making vaccination part of your live performance practice is, in his mind, unjust, and called out Grohl specifically over the course of the rant.

“I forget what the dude’s name is — he’s in some big fucking band — he’s, like, ‘I’m not playing any vaccinated-only shows.’ He was in a big English band; I forget what the name of ’em is. [Consequence of Sound speculates that Joseph is talking about Stone Roses singer Ian Brown]

“’ve got motherfuckers like Dave Grohl who used to play drums for [1980s Washington, D.C. hardcore punk band] Scream and open up for the Cro-Mags, now he’s with the Flu Pfizers, the Flu Fighters, and it’s, like, ‘We’re playing vaccinated-only shows.’ What kind of bullshit is that? What kind of fucking bullshit are you fucking dealing with in your fucking head that you would play a vaccinated-only fucking show?’”

You can check out the full episode here:

On the one hand, there is something to be said for being frustrated that bands would keep you from attending their shows due to your personal choices. On the other, though, COVID isn’t a dietary restriction or a style of fashion, it’s a deadly disease that’s killed hundreds of thousands. More so, our country is currently edging towards a second lockdown due to people refusing to get vaccinated and still attending public events. So maybe get the fuck over yourself.

Finally, what is it with hardcore dudes bringing up old bands like it somehow matters? Maybe Dave Grohl opened up for Cro-Mags at one time or another, but five to ten says Joseph would sell one of his fingers for a chance to tour with Foo Fighters right now.

Anyway, The Pit urges everyone to get vaccinated so that we can all enjoy all concerts of any kind together. Also so you don’t get sick and die.


Words by Chris Krovatin