Stream Soldiers of Destruction’s Rabid New Album ‘Cause and Affect’

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If you need a dose of punk rock in 2021, Soldiers of Destruction are certainly the band to give it to you. The London four-piece, led by infamous rock journalist and author Morat, play the kind of dissent-sowing, foaming-at-the-mouth music that’ll make you furious at everything except your speakers and maybe the cigarette wrapper full of drugs you have tucked away in your stash pocket. Now, the band’s full-length album Cause and Affect is available to stream, leaving amateur chaoticians everywhere with bloodied noses and satisfied grins.

The beauty of Cause and Affect lies in its direct approach. There’s no qualifier here — no ‘pop-‘ or ‘goth-‘ or ‘politi-‘ to trip up the listener and make them think this is more than punk fucking rock. The record’s opener “Anti Them” is a perfect tone-setter, setting up an album that stands against, well, pretty much everything you can throw at it. From there, it continues a breakneck pace, harkening back to the days of old-school punch-along punk without ever sounding retro or referential. We’re tempted to call it a ‘fun’ album, given how enjoyable a listen it is, but that doesn’t really do it justice — it’s more that Cause and Affect doses you with 100 cc’s of sneering rocket fuel that won’t let up until you either collapse in a heap or count your bruises later at the bar.

Stream Soldiers of Destruction’s Cause and Affect below, with tracklisting and song times included:

  1. Anti Them (0:00)
  2. Cracked (01:05)
  3. Death or Glory (04:06)
  4. End of a Rope (06:31)
  5. Amphetamines (Feat. Nick Oliveri) (10:01)
  6. Cheated (11:37)
  7. Drinking for Two (14:39)
  8. Kilmister (16:59)
  9. Batshit Crazy (18:57)
  10. Also Gazes (Feat. Nick Oliveri) (21:58)
  11. Summer Fun (26:58)
  12. Undefeated (28:17)
  13. Sick of the Sight of You (30:20)
  14. Symphony of War (34:42)

And if this music gets your cocktail Molotoved, be a mensch and spend some of your hard-earned greenbacks on this killer record


Words by Chris Krovatin