Machine Head Have Dropped Three New Songs

Factor Metal, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Back in January, American groove-thrashers Machine Head revealed that they were in the studio working on a follow-up to 2018’s CatharsisThis new came after the band released a new single in November titled “My Hands Are Empty.”  Now, Machine Head have returned with not one, but three new songs for fans to hear.

The band are promoting this release as a “three-song single” (which feels a little like in Airheads when a three-person band calls themselves ‘The Lone Rangers’ — the term is EP, dudes) titled Arrows in Words from the Sky. The first of the three tracks, “Becoming the Firestorm,” opens with a blastbeat and some tremolo picking, and keeps a very fast-and-furious thrash pace and attitude throughout (though there are some clean vocals on the chorus). The second song, “Rotten,” is a bit more of a traditional agro Machine Head number, with a mid-paced riff and wordy, rhythmic lyrics from Robb Flynn. The third, title track “Arrows in Words from the Sky,” is a bit more like “My Hands Are Empty,” a slower, melodic ballad-type song (for Machine Head, at least) with a lot of harmonized vocals.

“These three songs represent Machine Head better than anything I could ever try to explain,” says Robb Flynn, via Blabbermouth. “The way these songs grew and took shape over time tells us our future is more exciting than even we would like to admit. Being able to corral all the chaos, pain, confusion, and, yes, hope into music has never made me feel more alive. These songs will hopefully do the same for you. After all, that’s who they were written for.”

Here’s “Becoming the Firestorm:”

Here’s “Rotten:”

And here’s “Arrows from Words in the Sky:”

More on Machine Head’s new album as we know it, but given the pace at which they’ve been releasing music, there’s a chance the band will put out songs as they go rather than focus on a full-length record.


Words by Chris Krovatin