Jamey Jasta’s “Deadly Business” Chosen As Theme Song for AEW Wrestler Frankie Kazarian

Achim Raschka, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Metal and professional wrestling will always be deeply intertwined. The two share the same prime directive: using epic, violent theater that provides fans with a high-impact entertainment and lets them shout out some of their hotter emotions. Now, All Elite Wrestling star Frankie Kazarian has furthered this coming together or art forms by choosing Hatebreed frontman and solo artist Jamey Jasta‘s track “Deadly Business” as his theme song.

Kazarian announced the choice of song online, in a tweet reading, “This shit is haaard! @jameyjasta is the f’n man. Awesome to see this come to fruition.” To which Jasta chimed in his thanks and praise.

For those of you who might not know the track, “Deadly Business” was released in 2015, and was featured on the vocalist’s 2017 album The Lost Tapes.

Hatebreed are definitely an act who are dying to get back onstage after this year of stagnation. Even though the band released their latest record Weight of the False Self during last year’s pandemic, guitarist Wayne Lozinak admitted to The Pit that he was officially ready to get back on the road and shake his cabin fever.

“Especially for me — I love playing live, but besides that, I love going to see other bands,” Wayne told us. “Some of the other guys, when they’re home, they don’t even want to go to a show. Me, I’m just waiting for the next one to come around. I’ll even go to the local bar and see local cover bands play. Now, with a new album out, we haven’t played a show since last October. So it’s a horrible time for live music — ands just for my own enjoyment and sanity.

“We’re talking about maybe doing some livestreaming stuff, which is possible. It’s just not the same for us. We’re a live band with a crowd, where they want to mosh and go crazy. Part of our show is the energy of the crowd — we’re not this big visual band with pyro and everything. At least not yet! So I think a livestream just sitting on your couch watching us, you’ll just destroy your living room.”


Words by Chris Krovatin