Here’s Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” As a Children’s Song

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At the end of the day, everyone involved in the metal scene does what we do for one specific reason: the kids. Yes, we believe the children are our future, and if we don’t teach the youth of today how to survive the post-apocalyptic wasteland we call modern life, how will they ever learn? Which is why we’re touched to see that some YouTuber has done what we’ve all been thinking about for ages, and turned Drowning Pool‘s “Bodies” into a children’s song.

The cover comes from a YouTube channel aptly titled There I Ruined It, which includes such other musical crimes against humanity as a bluegrass version of Eminem’s “Without Me,” a Broadway musical version of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff,” and a Christmas edition of Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself.” But the children’s cover of “Bodies” is really where the channel shows its versatility, injecting the song with all the twinkles and sproings one has secretly desired from to hear in it, and creating exactly the kind of video that we had hoped this cover would come with.

Learn to count to four below:

While this reconsideration of “Bodies” is pretty great (‘great’ being a relative term here), it pales in comparison to the teacher who rewrote the Alphabet Song in the style of Korn. As you’ll see below, Nick Harrison decided that the usual Alphabet Song just wasn’t enough to engage his students. Instead, he needed to shout those letters out to his students while throttling himself at the waist and giving the alphabet a new level of fury. It’s never enough to scare the kids watching — honestly, they might not even fully get the Korn reference — but it’s just enough to make the Alphabet Song a little less of a sunny-colored see-saw, which is the kind of thing kids can get real tired of real fast.

Check it out:


Words by Chris Krovatin