Here’s An Acoustic Cover of Napalm Death’s “You Suffer”

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Though they’re one of grindcore’s founding acts and death metal’s greatest bands, Birmingham’s Napalm Death will always be remembered as the creators of “You Suffer,” a 1.316-second track that is famous among fans as being the shortest metal song of all time. So of course, if any track in all of metal history needed an acoustic cover, it’s this one — and that’s exactly what one YouTuber has created.

The cover comes from Anthony Vincent, the YouTube musician most famous for his in-the-style-of videos (the Pokemon theme in the style of blink-182, blink-182 in the style of Slayer, et cetera). For his Napalm Death cover, Anthony takes the track to an elaborate place, stretching it out to a sprawling four seconds with his baroque interpretation. Of course, then Anthony shoots the camera a lil-stinker smile that lets us all know that he’s doing the most ridiculous cover of all time, so it’s obviously not the most stone-faced tribute anyone has ever performed.

Check out this dulcet version of metal’s ultimate nihilist anthem below:

Anthony’s not the only big fan of Napalm Death’s classic blip — earlier this year, a couple actually got married to “You Suffer.” Though the video of the couple in question doesn’t use their names, what really matters is that they get married to Napalm Death’s three-second track off of their 1987 debut Scum. The groom of this happy union takes a moment before their first “dance” to say, “Neither of us really like dancing that much so we settled on…it’s kind of a shorter song. It’s kind of an older one. So…it won’t take too long.” Then these cuties vamp for three seconds, and their family bursts into applause. It’s the type of scene that you’ve always dreamed of as you lay in bed wondering when your death metal prince will come and take you away.

“’Allowing the Carvings for Mutual Compassion’ by Last Days of Humanity was a couple seconds too long,” wrote the poster in the video’s caption, “so we settled on ‘You Suffer.’” (“Allowing…” clocks in at a hefty six seconds, for the record).


Words by Chris Krovatin