Exclusive Video Premiere: A Call to the Dark (VHS, Valravne) Take Camp Crystal Lake By Storm With New Single “They Say”

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Like any horror movie-addicted metalhead worth their salt, we’re big fans of Ontario gore-mongers VHS. But what some might not know is that members of the band are also involved in a side project named A Call to the Dark, who play straightforward horror punk that’s a little less oozing and guttural, if no less obsessed with slashers and monsters. Now, the band have released their new single “They Say,” a tribute to the legend of Jason Voorhees, via a video that does the franchise’s infamous killer justice.

Especially cool about the “They Say” video is where its footage come from. The band were given permission to create the video using clips from Never Hike Alone, a much-loved Friday the 13th fan film series that has since become a staple of cult horror devotee’s diets. And to both A Call to the Dark and the filmmakers’ credit, the footage is as professional-looking and compelling as most of the recent films in the Friday the 13th series, if not more so. That said, awesome cinematography aside, it’s the kills we’re here for, and the video brings you everything you want — machete-hacking, axe-swinging, lake-leaping, and a finale that might make you want to puke. Horror lovers will dig it, and Jason diehards will absolutely adore it.

Check at A Call to the Dark’s “They Say” below:

Keep up with A Call to the Dark via their Bandcamp, and make sure to check out the Never Hike Alone series via their website.