Enforcer’s New Track “Kiss of Death” Is Old-School Heavy Metal At Its Most Fun

Photo by Cintia Regueiro
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If you’re looking for classic heavy metal with a modern edge, Swedish quartet Enforcer have got you covered. The band play the kind of high-flying, balls-out music that make fingerless leather gloves feel like a necessary purchase. Now, Enforcer have just dropped a new single titled “Kiss of Death,” and holy shit is it a lot of fun.

What’s interesting is that “Kiss of Death” actually takes a small step back from the unbridled cheese of the band’s 2019 album Zenith. Unlike the first single from that album, “Die For The Devil,” this song feels more dedicated to the rip-roaring speed of acts like Raven, Exciter and Razor. There isn’t that same Crüe-ish chorus emphasis on “Kiss of Death,” but instead a shred-tastic focus on powerhouse guitar work and galloping tempo. This isn’t a track for crushing light beer but downing a bottle of whiskey over a worryingly short period of time.

“Heavy metal fans across the planet, are you with us?!” says frontman Olof Wikstrand. “Finally, it’s time for us to unveil what we’ve been up to the past year and it feels incredibly awesome to present ‘Kiss Of Death’ to you all. A totally raw, yet melodic speed metal hymn! A hit and run metal hymn that should leave no head unbanged!!”

Check out Enforcer’s “Kiss of Death” below:

You can purchase the single via the band.

Enforcer might be a little traditional for some, but that’s exactly why we love them. The band were a necessary inclusion on our list of acts keeping metal cheesy in the best way possible.

“Every Enforcer song reminds the listener that during its infancy, hair metal was real as fuck,” wrote The Pit’s own Chris Krovatin. “The band’s over-the-top image and gripping tracks about monsters, Satan, and the excitement of heavy metal basically sound how you always wished early-’80s metal did. This comes from the Swedish four-piece constantly bringing elements of everything from thrash to arena rock into their music, in order to craft something pure in its tastiness. You can snicker at big hair and bare chests under vests all you want, but if you don’t get down with these choruses, you’ve lost your way.”