Bad Wolves Share First Taste of New Music With Singer Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz

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Last week, hard rockers Bad Wolves announced that they’d found a new frontman in singer-songwriter Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz, formerly of Massachusetts metalcore act The Acacia Strain, following the departure of vocalist Tommy Vext. Now, the band have revealed a teaser of their new music with Daniel, which you can hear below.

The first taste of DL’s vocal abilities comes from a behind-the-scenes video about the making of the band’s upcoming new album Dear Monsters. In it, Bad Wolves discuss what the vocalist brings to the table, specifically his ability and his attitude regarding how the project is supposed to sound.

“There were so many people coming at us, but we had our inner circle of people we trust, and DL was certainly on that list,” says drummer John Boecklin, later adding, “The boxes to be checked that were huge for him were his voice and his creative ability, because we sent him one song right off the bat. Whaddya got for this? And it was just like, bam. For me it was immediate, because he’s got this pop sense that I love.”

Check out the video below:

While Vext’s departure was definitely intense for the band, Bad Wolves appear to be looking at the future with a lot of hope.

“So much has happened since Tommy publicly quit Bad Wolves a few months ago – and we disagree with the validity of much of what he has said publicly about our parting of ways – but we would prefer to not look back on the past and instead focus on this new chapter,” said Bad Wolves in a public statement upon Laskiewicz’s hiring. “And most importantly, we’d like to let the music speak for itself. Thanks for believing in Bad Wolves and please join us in welcoming DL to the family. We can’t wait for you to hear what’s coming.”

“I’ve known DL for 17 years and he’s an absolute legend of this heavy music scene,” said guitarist and Last Words host Doc Coyle via his Instagram. “We’ve been working so hard behind the scenes and haven’t been able to talk about it publicly. It feels good to bring you all along for this ride. I am dying for you to hear the new songs. I know you won’t be disappointed. It’s a beautiful day.”

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Words by Chris Krovatin